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Emotional and professional development go hand in hand. It is in the discovery of inner passion and purpose that entrepreneurship and business can thrive.

The Passionise Iceberg Model

Passionise is based on a model of Entrepreneurial Education called the Iceberg Model. While traditional education focuses more on the External Elements such as Product, Innovation, Team, Business Model, etc. we believe that the internal elements within the sub-consciousness of an entrepreneur are the ones that really fuel the externalities. These six elements called the Fundamentals are hidden below the iceberg and all our programmes are there to develop these talents.

Passionise Six Phase Personal Transformation



Business Model





Purpose and Inspiration

Passion and Motivation

Intuition and Creativity

Values and Beliefs

Emotional Intelligence



We believe in your holistic development and that is why our programs are based on diverse methodologies that can power your emotional, spiritual, and professional growth. These phases are vital aspects of next generation Entrepreneurial Education. We take you through a six phase inner journey starting from Emotional Intelligence all the way to developing an Inspired Vision that will not only lead you to success but also fulfillment in life.

Emotional Intelligence

Passion &


Purpose &



& Intuition


Values &


Emotional Awareness

The first step of the Passionise Journey starts with an awareness of your Emotions and a conscious transformation of the lower emotional states into higher ones. Emotions can be classified into three states: Stuck (Fear Based), Destructive (Anger Based) and Constructive (Love Based). While the lower emotions play a role in the survival instincts of the human, it keeps humans from reaching their full potential as co-creative beings. Hence the first phase is dedicated to help you reach sustained states of constructive emotions.

Corporate Programs

We apply the Passionise Iceberg Model to transform your organization's work culture into that of Compassion, Enthusiasm, and a high degree of Motivation towards a clear Purpose. We help you identify Values that your organization can grow with a collaborative attitude and very low levels of conflict. Ultimately this leads to creative out of the box solutions that significantly enhance the professional capabilities of your company and raises the work satisfaction levels.


Collaborative Solutions

Compassionate Teamwork




Work Culture

Personal Empowerment

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